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From Delta to the Horizon: A Youth Empowerment Journey Across West Africa

As the sun rises over the Niger Delta, it illuminates a generation of young leaders who are reshaping the socio-political fabric not only of their state but of the entire region.

youth leadership

Mentorship Matters: The Importance of Guiding and Nurturing Young Leaders

In the vibrant mosaic of Nigeria’s leadership evolution, mentorship stands as an essential brushstroke. Aspiring leaders, guided by the strokes of mentors, emerge as masterpieces of resilience, innovation, and impact. The mentorship journey is a testament to the power of collaboration, illuminating the path for Nigeria’s emerging leaders, enriching the nation’s tapestry with their stories of transformation.


Quenching Thirst: Not Too Young to Lead Installs Mono Borehole Pumps in Rural Delta State, Nigeria

The provision and installation of mono borehole pumps by Not Too Young to Lead has brought about a profound transformation in rural Delta State, Nigeria. The foundation’s commitment to addressing a critical need, coupled with our dedication to sustainable development, has left an indelible mark on the lives of the communities they served.


Empowering Dreams: Not Too Young to Lead Provides 500 Free School Bags to Kids in Rural Delta State, Nigeria

The provision of 500 free school bags by Not Too Young to Lead has proven to be a transformative initiative, empowering young minds and fostering a love for education in rural Delta State, Nigeria. Through our dedicated efforts, this youth-led organization has not only lightened the burden of accessing education but has also ignited a spark of hope in the hearts of these children and their communities.

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