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Skill Acquisition Training Program

A train of forty-five(45) young people were trained in selected 3 communities across the three senatorial districts in Delta state. 20 of these youths have been engaged in further internship/apprenticeship to develop this skill further and make a living for themselves and contribute to their immediate community.




June 12, 2021




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Try to Become a Volunteer, This Can Solve Many Problems

“Youth leadership development” means giving young people the skills and experiences they need to become change agents in their communities. Definitions of “youth” differ between communities and organizations, however the United Nations (UN) defines youth as those aged 15-24.

Youth Leadership programs typically include activities such as travel, intercultural exchange, outdoor education, organizing events, sports, intergenerational knowledge exchange, work experience, public speaking, and life skills development. For social inclusion programs, a youth leadership program can provide motivated young people with the chance to take ownership. Often an important part of youth leadership is volunteering to run sessions and other program elements.

When we think of other peoples lives as linked to our own, our empathy grows. They’ve demonstrated an amazing ability to help build a brighter and better future for our country. – OLIVER SANDERO

Now Any Help is Needed

Interested in becoming a volunteer? The Not Too Young to Lead Initiative will like to have your presence. Do click here to get started.

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